MQ-9 Mission Trailer

The First of Many

In the late summer of 2016, the Holloman RPA community was granted the opportunity to work with the Instructional Productions flight of the 436th Training Squadron out of Dyess AFB. The initial concept was to produce a 10- to 15-minute-long video educating new RPA students on the history, current state, and future of the USAF RPA enterprise. After bouncing the idea off of a few trusted agents, it was determined that a video of that length would only be useful in a very narrow context and that there were other venues that a community-generated, professionally developed video could be useful. As a result, this 3-minute promo video for the MQ-1 and MQ-9 mission was produced and made public in late October 2016.

Since it’s publication, this video has been used to introduce ROTC cadets, ISR professionals, RPA pipeline students, South American air force academy cadets, and numerous others to the mission of the MQ-9 and the impact unmanned aircraft are having in all conflicts they support. As of this writing, this video has been seen by an estimated 7,000 people with more presentations every week. The next project will be the longer mini-documentary that was the original idea. Though it has no projected production date as of yet, this next video will present the longer-than-you-think history of remotely piloted aircraft, take you through an average day of operations, and hint at future developments and technologies that will ensure a robust future for RPAs.

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